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Satellite symposium: Promega

Applications of in vitro assays to measure cellular response in 3D cell cultures

Tuesday 8 September 12:30 to 13:00 - Hall 10A

Speaker: Phil Hargreaves - Head of Strategic Marketing & Business Development, Promega

Three- dimensional (3D) cell culture provides a more physiologically relevant model compared to the traditional 2D approach. The 3D systems are able to recapitulate the complex and heterogeneous in vivo microenvironment due the presence of different cell types and/ or extracellular matrix. The increasing popularity and availability of in vitro 3D models have created a demand for reliable cell- based assays capable of measuring different aspects of cell biology in a 3D environment. Promega has developed a range of cell- based assays which are compatible with a variety of 3D cell culture models. The range includes bioluminescent detection of ATP as a measure of cell viability, a caspase assay for detecting apoptosis, and cell stress reporter assays to detect mechanisms leading to cytotoxicity. Furthermore our new viability and cell death assays can be performed in real-time. The nonlytic nature of our real-time assays allows the microtissues to be used for further downstream applications (such as RNA/ protein extraction) and enables multiplexing with a variety of assay chemistries.