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Packaging your research message...

... for successful interviews, grant applications, publications and more.

Session A2: Saturday, 5 September, 9:15 - 12:15 Hall 6A OR Session C2: Saturday, 5 September, 14:15 - 17:15 (repeat) Hall 6A

Conveying a clear research message in grant applications, publications and job / grant panel interviews is an invaluable skill for a successful scientific career. In this workshop you will learn how to decompose your research into a few key ideas, which can form the basis of clear and well-structured scientific communication in a variety of formats. 

Learning goals:

  • Decompose a complex, multi-year, multi-aim research project into a few key ideas that will be clear and compelling to specific audiences
  • Organize a concise and powerful oral presentation of your research for use at conferences or in job interviews
  • Organize concise text about your research that can serve as the basis for research abstracts, full research articles or grant applications.

About the trainer: Chapin Rodriguez has been a freelance trainer and consultant in scientific communication since 2008. He works with individuals and institutions primarily in Europe and China to improve scientists’ ability to deliver effective oral presentations, design high-quality research and write clear manuscripts for submission to respected journals. 

Chapin’s scientific background includes a PhD in biochemistry and structural biology from the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology / Cambridge University (2002), which resulted in 5 publications.  He then carried out postdoctoral research in neuroscience at the Harvard Institutes of Medicine. He has won competitive research funding from the British Marshall Foundation and HHMI. Before concentrating on his science communication consultancy, Chapin ran a U.S.-Europe exchange programme for undergraduate chemistry students, for which he wrote a successful grant application (US $400,000) to the US National Science foundation. 

Chapin has been offering workshops with EMBO on science communication since 2012. 

Comments from attendees of similar workshops run by Chapin at EMBO Events:

  • [Chapin] was just great.
  • Perfect!
  • This was the greatest part of the week, and is something that I will remember the most in the future. Mostly I think the reason for this is Chapin himself, from whom I would love to get even more training in the future!
  • Chapin Rodriguez was FANTASTIC!!!